"Kindness is more than deeds. It is an attitude, an expression, a look, a touch. It is anything that lifts another person." - C. Neil Strait

Healthcare is more than just vital signs, carefully dosed medication, calibrating machines and sponge baths. It’s more than putting the broken pieces of a body back together. It’s about lifting a person up – out of sickness, loneliness, debilitation, dependence – It’s about making a person whole again.

As the hours crawl by, the paperwork adds up and the fatigue creeps in, it’s easy to lose sight of the core purpose of healthcare – healing a human being in need. That’s why Helping Hands Healthcare is different. Serving families in Southwest Ohio, Helping Hands Healthcare can help you or your loved ones stay at home longer.

We make healthcare human again.

Studies show that people heal best when they’re at home. Familiar surroundings – the faces of loved ones, comforting sights and sounds, and perhaps the snuggle of a pet – have powerful restorative properties. At Helping Hands Healthcare, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to help our clients and families stay in their own homes and live the best lives they can.

Our knowledge and experience addresses the diverse needs of our clients and their families. Our highly trained staff of professional caregivers provides comprehensive individualized care. We lead the industry in our use of technology to revolutionize the quality and accountability of home healthcare. Our state-of-the-art capabilities ensure continuous patient monitoring and keep your healthcare team connected, accountable and compliant.

Above all, we are committed to creating a partnership with family and loved ones to provide security, independence and superior services that benefit everyone involved.

Because sometimes we all can use a helping hand.