Personal Care Aide

The essence of the Helping Hands Home Health Aide role is to help our clients maintain and improve their ability to complete activities of daily living (ADLs), while keeping a close eye on their health to ensure they continue to thrive. 

Activities such as bathing, grooming toileting were once as easy for our clients as they are for us. It’s frustrating and uncomfortable at times to have to depend on someone else to help with such intimate personal care. When our clients get professional help with these activities, it does wonders for their confidence. It’s a delight to watch our clients light up again and see their smiles and optimism reappear during our visits.

Our home health aides are trained health care providers qualified to carry out basic health care as well as provide assistance with personal care, light housekeeping and nutritional support.

All of our Helping Hands Home Health Aides are STNA or CAN certified. They have been trained and certified in communication, illness, safety and infection control, so they are an integral part of the overall interdisciplinary health care team. They communicate via our ContinuLink system with the rest of the care team to keep them apprised of our clients’ health and alert them to any intervention that may be needed as issues arise, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands when our Home Health Aides are by your side.
Our aides are capable of working with the disabled, chronically ill, cognitively impaired and the elderly in the comfort and security of their own homes and provide the following services. Please note that all services fall along a spectrum that depends on the level of independence and strength of each client. 
Services include filling the tub or sink, laying out supplies, assistance with getting in or out of the tub or shower, sponge bathing and drying, bed bathing and drying, and stand-by assistance where necessary.
Services include dressing or undressing, laying out clothes, assistance with buttons, zippers, putting on shoes and applying TED hose.
Services include carrying out range of motion exercise and going for walks.
Services include spoon feeding, bottle feeding and stand-by assistance.
Services include caring for nails, shaving face/under arms/legs, brushing teeth and applying make-up.
Hair and Skin Care:
Services include washing and drying hair, assisting with setting hair (not cutting hair or any chemical processing such as color or permanents), combing and brushing hair and applying non-prescription lotion to the skin.
Services include incontinence care, changing diapers, changing colostomy bags, emptying catheter, assisting on and off the bedpan, assisting with clothing during toileting, assisting with toilet hygiene, toilet paper, washing hands and stand-by assistance.
Services include assistance with rising from sitting position, positioning the cane or walker, assisting with putting on or removing leg braces or prosthesis, changing position in bed, Hoyer Lift assistance, and stand-by assistance with usage of walker, cane and wheelchair.

We believe strongly in the healing powers of the home environment, and our Helping Hands Home Health Aides are well-equipped to help our clients to live at home and maintain their independence as much as possible-for as long as possible. Click here to learn more about the benefits of in-home health care as compared to living in a nursing facility.